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DECserver 700

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Jimmy Hunt
Occasional Visitor

DECserver 700

My company uses the DECserver 700.
A group with little or no networking knowledge configures them.
While trouble-shooting one the other day I checked out the configuration. DHCP state is enabled and the Internet Address, Mask, and Gateway are static. Why both? Why not configure with one or the other?
Thank you.
Archunan Muthiah
Honored Contributor

Re: DECserver 700


Does your current setup work or not?
if not working, you can choose static or dynamic addressing. I guess your previous team might have tried setup your DECServer as DHCP client with permanent lease for the specific IP address; with this option we no need to release the currently assigned IP.
OR there is a method to map any outside IP permanently to your DS 700 client.

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Jimmy Hunt
Occasional Visitor

Re: DECserver 700

It works. I did have a problem with the term server the other night, I could not ping or telnet to it if I was on a different subnet. I could ping and telnet to it from the Cisco switchport. If outside the subnet you could not communication with it but on the same subnet you could.
They communicate at half duplex 10 Mb.
Archunan thank you for a reply to my question.
Colin Butcher
Esteemed Contributor

Re: DECserver 700

Devices like DECservers should always be configured with static IP addresses, othewise you can't necessarily reach them, typically for printing with Telnetsym or for management access. The same thing applies to network printers, network hardware devices (which you might want to put into a different IP subnet for management purposes) and so on.

If you connect via TCP/IP over a WAN or routed VLAN the DECservers need to be on a reachable IP subnet, either the same subnet as the systems you connect from, or accessible via a TCP/IP router. If the DECservers are on a direct path LAN or VLAN then you can also use the LAT protocol.

You might find this useful - it's a little old now, but might help:

Cheers, Colin.
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Jon Stanley

Re: DECserver 700

In the pre V3.3 versions of DNAS, the DHCP setting in this discussion was for a DHCP proxy for supporting PPP clients in a RAS application. Starting in in V3.3 DNPG has released a version of DNAS which supports a DHCP service for the DECserver.

We have been asked by users to supply this additional feature for their application. The default setting for the DECserver is still BootP. The current images supported at V3.3 are wweng2(.sys) and mneng4(.sys)

Thanks, Jon