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DNS Slave server not answering queries

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DNS Slave server not answering queries

Hello all, i just setup a slave dns server on a C8000 workstation running HPUX 11.11.  The server is getting all the information from the master server  and it reports that it is ready to answer queries. but when i setup a workstation to point to it  the workstation cannot resolve any addresses. Any ideas what could be wrong.


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Re: DNS Slave server not answering queries

If possible, switch on DNS query logging on the C8000 workstation (or just dump the incoming DNS traffic) and see if the query from the testing workstation reaches the slave DNS server at all.


Even a slave DNS server should have "master" zone files for domains "localhost." and "". In other words, your slave DNS server should be able to answer a "nslookup localhost" or a "nslookup" without asking any other server.