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Disabled Remote Assistance by mistake (deleted user)

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Disabled Remote Assistance by mistake (deleted user)

Our company is running a several hundred workstation LAN under Windows 2000 Domain Server. For our company???s Windows XP roll-out, we give "loaner machines" (in groups of 5 per day) to departmental users; set the loaner machines up so each user can access Outlook and their network (or local) printers; take the users' machines to the IS shop, add RAM if necessary, and do a clean Win XP install. We then tweak XP to a standard we've come up with; add all required software applications and any special software applications; then return the machines back to the users, again configuring them so they can get to Outlook and printers.

In our ???tweaking??? of Windows, after the clean install, I had the instructions to delete all users [local] shown in Computer Management in the Users folder within "Local Users and Groups" except for Administrator and Guest [there were two that were deleted]. Unfortunately, this included the built-in user 'HelpAssistant' (Remote Desktop Help Assistant Account). Now remote assistance is not working - something we want - make that, ???must??? have. I can't just add a 'HelpAssistant' user. How can I recreate this Microsoft built-in user, short of re-installing Win XP? [We???ve done this on over 80 machines.]

Another one of the tweaks we do is turn-off XP's System Restore on all machines (for various reasons). So returning to a "Restore Point" is not an option.

I wonder if "Recovery Console" might be a solution?

Searching and hoping for a solution. Any -- I mean any -- help would be appreciated very much. Thanks in advance. ~RL
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Jerome Henry
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Re: Disabled Remote Assistance by mistake (deleted user)

Did you try 'ASR Restore' command ? It is said to restore defaults plus added (your accounts) on the machine, cleaner that full reinstall... You can access this command through command prompt...
Try on one machine to see what it gives...
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