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Do you know the potential and value of your network?

on ‎03-31-2014 08:44 AM

Introducing HP’s cloud-managed & SDN-enabled unified wired-wireless networks


By Kash Shaikh, Global Marketing Leader, HP Networking  


Kash ShaikhTired of network as a cost center? Imagine the potential to create new business models and revenue generating opportunities with your wireless network... 


Imagine the following use cases:

  • You are in a grocery store looking for Blue Bottle coffee. A search app working in conjunction with our Location Aware app can take you to the exact aisle within 1 - 2 meters of accuracy of the specific product. So the coffee you want is accessible within minutes without you having to read signs looking for the exact aisle
  • Imagine a consumer interested in more modern, slim fit suits. This consumer can now be closer to a rack within a clothing shop in a shopping mall which sells slim fit clothing. Imagine a clothing retailer being able to push ads or coupons directly to the mobile device of such a consumer

Interested? Let me tell you how and what is enabling this with the announcement we made today.


At HP, we look at innovation differently. Our strategy is to deliver outcomes for our customers such as yourselves that are specific to your segment. Our innovations can deliver the outcomes today while providing investment protection with a future-proof, open standards-based solution that can take you on the journey to monetize the network based on our vision.


The innovations we announced today at Interop Las Vegas delivers exactly that with the industry’s most complete cloud-managed and unified wired-wireless solution.  Please watch this video recap of our news.  




HP Cloud-Managed Networking Solution

Segment: SMB and distributed offices


Do you have limited or no IT staff? Are you already in the cloud? Do you need to get users online in minutes for small network?


HP’s cloud managed solution is the ideal choice with the new 802.11 ac capable access points that provides 3X the speed to deliver ultimate user experience.




New SDN-enabled Unified Wired-WLAN solution

Segment: Medium to Large Enterprises


Do you need a highly scalable solution? Do you need to deliver best and consistent user experience for wired and wireless users?


HP’s on-premise solution is the ideal choice that delivers the ultimate user experience with the new 802.11ac capable access points, the HP 560 and 517. The new HP solution includes new scalable wireless LAN controller appliances. The new HP 870 and 850, deliver consistent policy through HP Intelligent Management Center for consistent user experience between wired and wireless.


The HP 560 wireless access point will also be OpenFlow-enabled, continuing HP’s leadership in implementing open, standards-based SDN across its portfolio. If you are not ready for SDN today, it’s okay. Use these access points as traditional device but it provides investment protection so when you are ready for SDN you can turn on OpenFlow without having to forklift your infrastructure.



Innovation to monetize the network


Let’s go back to the grocery store and shopping mall examples I shared earlier. The HP Unified Wired & Wireless solution aligns the network to the business to deliver new value through software-defined networking (SDN).


A new location-based services SDN app, HP Location Aware, integrates with HP Virtual Application Networks SDN controller and is designed to help businesses and institutions capitalize the network by transforming the network into revenue-generating vehicles.


HP Labs have also developed a proof-of-concept application that will work in conjunction with HP Location Aware SDN app to help retailers monetize their networks by delivering the right offers at the right location and the right moment to their customers. Please watch a video of SmartShopper.


Our location-based technology isn't limited to increasing focused advertising for retailers – it can also empower businesses to make more accurate location decisions within a given space such as indoor navigation, asset tracking and monitoring for safety.  





Interested in unlocking the full potential of your network? Now is the time.


So how do you embark on the journey of transforming your network from being a cost center to a revenue generating engine?


We recommend you start with the adoption of 802.11ac capable SDN-powered infrastructure and future proof your network. We also encourage you to start evaluating HP’s SDN-applications and start planning revenue generation models from your network investments.  




48 % of Global 100 companies already rely on HP’s Unified Wired and Wireless solution: Watch the video of our channel partner VLCM who helped our customer Alpine School District deploy our unified wired and wireless solution.


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on ‎04-07-2014 09:02 AM

Interesting, especially in retailing.  Box stores in particular can reduce frustration and enhance potential of increased sales per customer.

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