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Dos boot disk

Ian Morris_1
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Dos boot disk

I'm trying to create dos boot disks for DL380 G1's, G2's and G3's to enable rebuilds from network shares.
Itappears to bind to the cards but then it just freezes. I am using the Q57.dos driver but could do with a little help.
Martin Balaj
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Re: Dos boot disk

Trz this site or use odi driver .
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Re: Dos boot disk



Perform the following:

To prevent or correct the "Error 53" problem, use a text editor to edit the CONFIG.SYS file to remove the NOEMS switch from the EMM386.EXE entry as follows:


When EMM386 memory manager is loaded with the NOEMS switch disabled, the "net use" command will then allow connection to the network share.

To prevent or correct the "Error 8" problem, a memory manager such as EMM386.EXE must be used. Ensure that the following entry is included in the CONFIG.SYS file:

Read here:

Hope this help
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