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Dropping IP connection

Don Kerr_1
Occasional Visitor

Dropping IP connection

We have 2 notebooks one running 2000 and one on XP. after running for a couple of hours they drop the ip connection. We are on a novell 6 network. If we install windows NT on the notbook it works fine. Has anyone seen this before?
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: Dropping IP connection

Any messages in the event logs when this happens? Does
ipconfig /all
show anything different before and after the failure occurs?

Could the NIC driver have a problem in 2K/XP that it doesn't have in NT. For that matter do you have the latest drivers? Laptop drivers are a bit odd and you can't rely on the drivers builtin to Win2K/XP.

Are the notebooks getting their IP addresses via DHCP? What happens with
ipconfig /renew

Does the switch show problems with the circuit?

Does the NIC driver have a diagnostic routine?

Super Advisor

Re: Dropping IP connection

I have had a similar problem. It may have to do with how you nic cards negotiates the lan speed either 10 or 100 MB with the switch.
For some reason it does not like auto negotiate. Change to state either 10 full 10 half 100 full 100 half.

I was able to connect to my microsoft domain no problem but having novell did not like the auto negotiate.