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Establishing an Ethernet connection

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Establishing an Ethernet connection

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I???m trying to bring up an educational project using the NIC.
Can any one supply me with a simple program that can send/receive data through the NIC (Ethernet) or point me to web page?
I???m trying to reach a phase were I can actually deliver data through the Ethernet using the NIC.
The NIC I have is a HP en1207d-tx pci, and I???m running windows ME.
I found in the MSN a list of the NDIS functions ??? there are hundreds!
If some one has this knowledge I???d appreciate if he could share it with me.
Thanks in advance



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Re: Establishing an Ethernet connection


your goal is not quite clear to me: do you want to transfer data, or do you want to use the network *somehow*, or do you want to show how to do network communication?
I the last case the programming language "perl" might be the simplest way to start, as the whole programs are pretty small then, as most of the low-level difficulties are hidden by the perl-modules...
Go to the Perl-site at, and read the documentation and get the software from there.

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Re: Establishing an Ethernet connection

If you were to send a string through the Ethernet in the windows me environment, using the C language, how would you do that?
I???m trying to connect to hosts on the internet (on the same subnet and physical net ??? Ethernet) so I could actually deliver a string from one host to another, after achieving that level of connectivity I want to stat implementing an IP stack.
Basically my goal is to understand and partly implement all the layers of an IP stack starting from the data ling layer.
Thanks for your time.
When the going gets tough the tough get going !
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