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FTP not working on old Version VMS 6.2

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FTP not working on old Version VMS 6.2

Hi All,

Have a very old version of VMS running (6.2) an old Application on a Virtual Charon configuration

SInce yesterday when we try to ftp 'servername' it hangs

However when you log onto server and ftp outwards it connects fine to other servers.

IM just looking for some pointers as to what could be - are there any 'tcpip' type logs I could check on the VMS server itself ? had a look and cant find anything.

MY feeling is it is network related (ie a firewall or some change has been made and is blocking ftp connetions now to this server)

THe server also runs multinet

Network Team will be looking at it - I just want to see if anything I can proactively add to the resolution really.

I was asked if I could restart ftp on the VMS (again not sure if this is possible on VMS - I Think it can be done on unix ok)

ANy help appreciated guys


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Re: FTP not working on old Version VMS 6.2


I suspect an error in the receiver slave process creation.


 Check with ACCOUN/FULL/SINCE=<a-minute-before-a-test>, look for status.


Maybe a disk-full or not enough contiguous space for a directory expansion?

Maybe a log file with version 32767?

( Use DFU to look for file with high version number.. if you can find an old enough DFU for 6.2)



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Re: FTP not working on old Version VMS 6.2

As Hein says, check free space where the logs are created and log version numbers.  I've seen this problem when a disk was full or a log file could not be created.
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Re: FTP not working on old Version VMS 6.2

GUys - it was a different issue we reckon - a DNS Server had been switched off - we are reconfiguring to point to new DNS - Thanks a million for the inputs - every little bit helps