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File Sharing Prob's with XP-Pro and W2K Pro

Paul Robo
Occasional Contributor

File Sharing Prob's with XP-Pro and W2K Pro

I have two PC's on a small network with a Linksys router (DHCP). PC1 is W2K Pro, PC2 is XP-Pro. Both have TCP/IP with NetBios enabled. Both have MS Client, File/Print Sharing and TCP/IP enabled. Both have shared files. Both have user accounts with both different and the same names all with Admin rights (this is testing mode for now).

On the XP PC I can see the W2K PC but get the "\\PC1 is not accessable. You must not have permission to use this network resource" error when I want to see shared folders.

On the W2K PC I cannot see the XP PC when I browse the network neighborhood.

Both machines can ping each other without problems.

I've read previous posts and tried most combinations of same users names, added/deleted NetBeui on XP-Pro.

Nothing works for me. Help would be much appreciated.

Thanks Robo
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: File Sharing Prob's with XP-Pro and W2K Pro

Try putting each PC's name and ip address in the LMHOSTS file of the other PC. That should make it easier for them to see each other. Also make sure that the use LMHOSTS file is checked in your tcp/ip setup. LMHOSTS lives at:

There is a file already there which is called lmhosts.sam which is a sample and explains the format.

If you still can't see files then trying mapping the network drive using the ip address of the other machine. (Explorer/Tools/Map Network Drive). It should come back and ask for a valid login. After mapping the other PC will appear in Explorer as the drive letter you assigned to it and should work just like any other drive.


Jay Bollyn
Honored Contributor

Re: File Sharing Prob's with XP-Pro and W2K Pro


There is a default XP setting that needs to be changed. Open windows explorer, pull down Tools, Folder Options, View, UNcheck Use simple file sharing.

Please let us know.

:-) Jay

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Paul Robo
Occasional Contributor

Re: File Sharing Prob's with XP-Pro and W2K Pro


I currently have a test network but once I can verify proper operations It will have a variety of PC/Notebooks attached. With that in mind would the use of fixed IP addresses in LMHOSTS work? The PC's are using the LinkSys routers DHCP.

THanks Robo
Paul Robo
Occasional Contributor

Re: File Sharing Prob's with XP-Pro and W2K Pro


I tried unchecking simple file sharing and there was no difference. Rebooted both machines, waited for them to see each other and then using the XP PC I tried to access the shared folders on the W2K PC. It sees the W2K PC but the same error message when you try and see the folders: \\PC1 is not accessable. You might not have permission...

I did this with/without NetBeui added on the XP PC. Again no difference. Rebooting each time.

I checked in with the LinkSys router and looked at the DHCP Client List. W2K was and was named. XP was and the name was blank. I've never seen that. The XP machine is named. I changed it rebooted and then looked at the Routers DHCP Client list and it was still blank. Thoughts on that one ???

I'd like to revisit what accounts need to be set up on both machines for file and print sharing to work. Several other posts on this site say that you need to mirror the identical user names.

Lets say my XP PC and my W2K PC both have the same user name and password and both have administrator rights. The names for each PC are different. Would this scheme work?

In a second example the XP PC has a user name XP and the W2K machine is user name W2K. Both have administrator rights. Using the Control Panel Passwords tool I create a second user on each PC. The XP PC's second user is named W2K with the appropriate PW. The W2K PC's second user is named XP with the appropriate PW. Would this scheme work?

Thanks for the help. Robo
Richard J. Anthony
Frequent Advisor

Re: File Sharing Prob's with XP-Pro and W2K Pro

The simple way to do it is to put each machine into the other machine's LMHOSTS file, as already noted. Your intent for notebook-PCs etc does not invalidate that. Some thoughts you should want to consider: (1) You complicate things by wanting all machines to have dynamically assigned addresses. Why? DHCP from the router is sometimes useful, but is of little real benefit until you have more than 10 machines that are usually connecting from different network locations. Until then, LMOSTS files are pretty maintainable. (2)Things often work much better when you use static IP addresses. That approach also lends itself to using LMHOSTS. (3) Yes, each connected machine needs its own LMHOSTS file, containing the addresses of all machines it will talk with. (4) You can identify one of your always-connected machines as your WINS server, and let all the machines go there to get your other machines' addresses.
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