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GVRP and VLAN on hp procurve

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Henrik Stahlberg
Occasional Advisor

GVRP and VLAN on hp procurve

Hello. I'm not sure this is the right forum to discuss hp procurve, but I try anyway...
My question is this.. I have a HP Procurve 5372xl in the core.Let's assume that I have configured 256 Vlans on this.(maximum supported)On the edge of my local network i have a bunch of hp procurve 2524. This switch is limited to support the use of 30 Vlan simultaneously.What happens if I use GVRP to advertise my 256 Vlans out on my network? Will the 2524 learn only the first 30? Can I choose which of them i want to use in the 2524? Any suggestions from you appreciated. Thanks.
Frederic Zeller
Honored Contributor

Re: GVRP and VLAN on hp procurve


My suggestion would be not to advertise the 256 vlans but to manually configure the 30 you'd want to share.

Also consider some tagging in between


Why should I bother ? The problem will be gone with the next release ...
Henrik Stahlberg
Occasional Advisor

Re: GVRP and VLAN on hp procurve

Hi Fred.
Thank you for this suggestion. This solves part of the problem of course. Though,it still doesn't solve that you have to manually configure the Vlan's in every switch througout the network!?


Re: GVRP and VLAN on hp procurve

Hi Henrik,

The 2524 will only learn the first 30 configured VLANs through GVRP.