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HP 2510 Scanner Problem with Privacy Service Installed by McAfee

Brent Blackwell
Occasional Visitor

HP 2510 Scanner Problem with Privacy Service Installed by McAfee

I have a 2510 Wireless installed on my network of only 2PCs. I recently upgraded to McAfee's Internet Suite 7.0. Upon installing the updated Network Software from HP for the 2510, then installing McAfee, my scanning button on the printer no longer sends scans to the PC. When opening the scanning function from HP Director 4.2, it says cannot communicate to the scanning device, even though in Control Panel it says the Scanner is working fine. So, I uninstalled each McAfee product one at a time, and have realized the function works with VirusScan, Firewall, and SpamKiller, but when I installed Privacy Service it stops working. Weird thing is that if I use Privacy Service to allow the Printer's website, I can scan from there, but if I choose to scan via the scanner button, it says cannot recognize computer. I assume Privacy Service blocks a port that the Printer uses, ANYONE have any suggestions?????? Have spent 8hours trying to figure out the problem, and now that I have it pinpointed, I don't know how to fix it? HELP.
Roger Faucher
Honored Contributor

Re: HP 2510 Scanner Problem with Privacy Service Installed by McAfee


Why not contact Network Associates (McAfee) and ask them. There is almost no information on their website concerning this 'product'.

Make a great day!

Make a great day!