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HP APA failover problems

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HP APA failover problems

Hi Gurus,


I have small problem with APA failover .. I have made a config with  a server with four nics so that the server is connected to two Cisco switches with two connections to each. The LACP port channels work but when trying to configure the failover group the lanqueryconf is not so happy :-(


uxblade04:/etc/rc.config.d # nwmgr -S apa
Class Mode Load Speed- Membership
Instance Balancing Duplex
======== =========== ========= ==================== ===========================
lan900 LACP_AUTO LB_PORT 2.000000 Gbps Full Duplex2,7
lan901 LACP_AUTO LB_PORT 2.000000 Gbps Full Duplex5,0
lan902 Not_Enabled LB_MAC 0.000000 Mbps -
lan903 Not_Enabled LB_MAC 0.000000 Mbps -
lan904 Not_Enabled LB_MAC 0.000000 Mbps -


uxblade04:/etc/rc.config.d # lanqueryconf -s -c /tmp/lanconfig.ascii
WARNING: None of the ports in subnet ( 901 ) have an IP address assigned
No Fail-Over Groups found. ASCII file not created


lan900  is working ( if I change the config so that the lan901 is used it also works ?) so I think that the problem might be in the switch interconnections? Any clues what might be the problem? Is there something special needs from APA side to the switch interconnection config ?