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HP Networking SDN solution wins the 2014 NetEvents cloud innovation award!

By Newsha Sharifzadeh, Global Product Marketing Manager, HP Networking


Newsha Sharifzadeh.pngLast week HP received the award for the best cloud innovation at the 2014 NetEvents for our HP Network Optimizer SDN Application – once again reinforcing our innovation efforts and leadership in Software-defined Networking. The 2014 NetEvents celebrates organizations and individuals that lead the world by innovation and performance in the cloud sector. Our SDN applications was recognized for the innovation- our HP Network Protector SDN Application won the 2013 NetEvents SDN innovation award




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HP Network Optimizer SDN Application for Microsoft Lync has been selected as joint winner of the “SDN Solution for the Enterprise”. The award was presented to HP and Nuage Networks jointly by Rohit Mehra, IDC’s Vice President, Network Infrastructure. 


Easy migration …HP’s strategy for SDN 

According to Mark Fox, CEO NetEvents: “Medium to smaller enterprises have been slower to explore SDN, so the judges were especially looking for SDN solutions that offer easy migration, that deliver early ROI, and generally encourage business to take the first steps to tomorrow’s networking.”


Yes easy migration! One of the reasons we won the award was the fact that for customers to take advantage of HP SDN applications, they do not need a rip and replace of their network. They can use a hybrid approach by deploying SDN-enabled devices on the access layer. 


A jittery call sounds familiar? 

But first let me give you some information about this product. How many times have you experienced a jittery call with your UC&C device at work? I get so frustrated when someone is showing me a deck of slides and I need to ask for them to wait till I see the slide they are referring to! 


So here where the problem lies; legacy networks and network applications operate independently of one another which makes the application and network interaction to be complex and difficult to trouble shoot. While real-time traffic such as voice and desktop sharing needs quality of service (QoS) features to minimize latency, packet loss, and jitter. 


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Think of the traffic flow in today’s network being stopped by traffic lights. Your traffic will be stopped no matter what it is. There is no special treatment or priority system. Now imagine we have a centralized control making that makes intelligent policy decision of these traffic lights, and we now can optimize the flow of traffic throughout the networks. So for example for voice and video traffic we know that we need to give them special priority something similar to opening up a High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane for that type of traffic. 


The quality of the user experience is only as good as the quality of the network!


HP Network Optimizer SDN Application for Microsoft Lync enables automated provisioning of network policy and Quality of Service (QoS) to provide enhanced user experience for campus enterprise business.


The HP Network Optimizer SDN Application dynamically provision the end-to-end network path and QoS policy via the HP Virtual Application Networks (VAN) SDN Controller. So this way the Network Optimizer through the HP VAN SDN Controller programs the network devices to dynamically give high priority to traffic that is coming from Microsoft Lync.


We at HP tested this SDN application and we found out that the call quality enhances by 270%[i] by optimizing the network traffic. Also we got really impressive results regarding saving IT resources by reducing configuration by 80%[ii] - using Openflow programmability in the infrastructure layer.


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“HP Networking is recognized with the SDN Innovation award for its proactive approach in rolling out its SDN strategy and portfolio, embracing real integration with application partners, and in rolling out SDN-enabled network optimization and security applications that can be deployed from the data center to the network edge,” said Rohit Mehra, Vice President, Network Infrastructure, IDC.


Newsha Sharifzadeh_4.pngOur Network Optimizer has been selected as the best of Interop 2014 finalist. It will be exciting to get the best of 2014 Interop for this application.


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[i] HP internal testing

[ii] HP internal testing

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