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HP Networking SDN solution won the 2013 Innovations award!

ns.jpg  By Newsha Sharifzadeh, Global Product Marketing Manager


Innovation is in our DNA 



I can’t believe Ethernet turned 40 last week! 40 years ago Robert Metcalf invented Ethernet and later he co- founded 3Com which became part of HP. Innovation in networking is ingrained in our DNA!


Just last week at Ethernet 40th birthday celebration, our HP Sentinel SDN security application won the Innovations award 2013 for the best “SDN Solution”. Networking industry has been lagging innovation for the last several decades. But we have reached an inflection point.  Always at the forefront of innovation, HP revolutionized the industry paradigm with its SDN solution. 


I was very excited to see Sentinel was recognized by a panel of highly respected IT professionals and industry analysts and that HP is being acknowledged as a leader in networking innovations. Sentinel security is a software-defined network (SDN) application that enables automated, real-time network security in enterprise and cloud networks.




SDN revolutionizing the networking industry!


SDN eliminates legacy human middleware and provides simplification, scale, and agility based on open industry standards.


HP SDN has the most complete SDN solution across all three layers of SDN including infrastructure, control and application that is open and interoperable. With these innovations at all layers, HP is enabling organizations to apply business logic to network behavior in a dynamic way.


To enable network flexibility and multivendor networks, we are leading the market with open standards for SDN technologies—including OpenFlow. We are the only vendor to offer OpenFlow support on more than 40 switch models representing over 20 million installed ports.





Immediate threat protection with Sentinel Security application


Integrated into the network infrastructure, Sentinel SDN security application is able to stop threats before they reach your network.  I can talk on and on about SDN solution but what makes SDN very impactful in my opinion is to hear customer feedbacks and see SDN in action through applications.




One of our customers, Gregory Bell at Ballarat Grammar School at 2013 Open Networking Summit talked about their challenges which were lack of visibility and control as well as increasing spyware infections for all Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD). He said “with HP’s Sentinel Security application, our networking team has greater visibility into malware and infections, which is much more effective than antivirus software alone.”



ns_5.jpgHe gave us a very interesting example of how Sentinel enabled them to be more proactive. One of the student devices that got their attention was sending very frequent Domain Name System (DNS) requests to access malicious sites. But with Sentinel they were able to immediately find what the infection was as well as tracing back the device to its owner.


One other benefit of Sentinel is that you can create your own blacklist. Gregory gave us an example of how they were able to improve student productivity by controlling and protecting access to social media networks in a specific classroom, during class hours. I guess no more Facebook at school!


Enough with the evolution!  We need a revolution in networking and HP SDN solution is here to deliver that! I know this is just the beginning of this revolution. 



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Congrats to the 3Com now HP team!

Since hearing about Sentinel and discussing about it with some of the developers at Interop in October 2012, we quickly realized this is a diamond in the rough!

Good call by Ernesto to point this out in his blog.


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