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[HP Unix B.10.20] NFS Client SubSystem fail

Occasional Contributor

[HP Unix B.10.20] NFS Client SubSystem fail

Recently moved a HP Unix B.10.20 system from US to Thailand, and everything is work well in US but after we changed:


1. set_parms ip_address (change the IP to TH range)

2. set_parms addl_netwrk (change the Subnet, Gateway, Domain name, DNS Svr Name, and DNS IP)

3. vi /etc/hosts (to commented entries and add new enteries.)


After rebooted encountered NFS Client Subsystem fail* during the post screen. Check the /etc/rc.log and it shown:



starting up the Automount daemon /usr/sbin/automount -f /etc/auto_master FAILURE CODE:1 mounting remote NFS file system.... "/sbin/rc2.d/S430nfs.client start" FAILED


Any expert can help to guide me through?




Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: [HP Unix B.10.20] NFS Client SubSystem fail

NFS and in particular, automounter, are tightly bound to the servers that have been configured.

I would delete all NFS and automount entries, then add them back with their new IP addresses, one at a time, after verifying each server as being alive and providing NFS service.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin