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HP-VMware Networking Solution: Delivering SDN and Network Virtualization

Bridging physical and virtual networks


ks.jpgBy Kash Shaikh, Senior Director Product Marketing & Technical Marketing Engineering, HP Networking



Building upon on HP’s Software-defined Networking leadership, I’m happy to share with you a groundbreaking development which will push the market forward. Today at VMworld, we introduced our plans to collaborate with VMware and bring you the most open, interoperable and complete SDN and network virtualization solution to-date.


Specifically, the announcement includes HP-VMware joint solution to deliver industry’s first east-west federated interoperable solution. This joint solution will provide customers unified automation and visibility of the physical and virtual data center networks. By centralizing and automating the visibility and control of overlay and underlay data center networks, enabling agility and improving business continuity.


Here’s exactly why I’m so excited about our latest SDN development:


The gap and the problem we are solving? Up until now, most of the discussion in the industry has been about north-south integration of controllers with top-of-rack switches and the north-bound controller API standardization discussion is just beginning to start. However, no one has talked about or has started working on delivering east-west federation of controllers for openness and interoperability which is one of the promises of SDN movement.

In addition, overlay only networks offer a centralized control plane for scaling and simplicity, but the physical devices have to be configured and provisioned manually —a time consuming and error prone process. Separate overlay networks may also lack visibility of the underlying physical infrastructure, which can impact business continuity and agility.


Separate physical and virtual tools can result in a network which is not aware of the issues physical network is experiencing such as packet loss or congestion.  So for example what if?


  • a link in an ECMP path fails, or
  • congestion occurs on an uplink layer 2 trunk due to failure of a link
  • congestion in a single link in the path

The separate overlay network tool may not have the visibility of these physical conditions.


As your enterprises shift into a new age of technology with cloud and mobility, you simply don’t have the bandwidth to absorb any more of these bottlenecks and setbacks.





The HP-VMware solution: Our collaboration combines HP’s Virtual Application Networks SDN Controller with the VMware NSX™’s network virtualization platform to create HP-VMware Networking solution. This allows you to integrate and automate physical and virtual network infrastructure—meaning visibility and control of your complete data center. The result? Businesses can innovate at a faster pace and gain the agility because of improved monitoring and troubleshooting.


The components: HP’s ConvergedControl runs on the Virtual Application Networks SDN controller to manage both networks. It utilizes Intelligent Management Center, which is integrated with VMware vCenter, to ease management by controlling the networks from a single point. Network virtualization can be extended to the physical servers with our new FlexFabric 5930 top-of-rack switch. The switch has been designed with VXLAN technology in mind, and intelligently allows physical and virtual networks to act as a single entity.


The support: We know when integrating new technology into an existing network you may need an option to get services. That’s why we’ve introduced HP Datacenter Care for Networking to ease the transition. With this service, customers can find all the expertise they need at a single contact point. We also help customers identify how they can get the most out of SDN with SDN Connectivity Transformation Experience Workshop. Together, we create a road map to find the best path for their SDN journey.


We are entering a new era where cloud and mobility are the norm—these tools will be crucial for enterprise productivity. HP continues to lead the SDN movement, and that’s why our collaboration with VMware is so exciting.


The HP-VMware Networking solution and HP ConvergedControl will be available worldwide in the second half of 2014, and the HP 5930 switch will be available in the first half.


If you are attending VMworld, I encourage you to please come visit the demo station for this joint solution in the HP Software-defined Zone, booth 2235 (next to the Refueling Lounge in the Solutions Expo) to find out more details and pick up an HP "Defy IT Boundaries" t-shirt.  You can also  watch the demo.


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As a value added reseller of both HP Networking and VMware - we are ecstatic about this announcement! This will not only enable us to assist our customers in making their networks more agile, but will also transform our Managed Services Practice by further simplifying the Network. Thank you HP!

Thats a great news that HP and VMware  joint venture provides complete SDN and network virtualization.Thanks for sharing your post with us really awesome one to read.

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