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HP-VMware Networking Solution Market Reactions

By Kash ShaikhSenior Director Product Marketing & Technical Marketing Engineering, HP Networking  


ks.jpgAugust was an exciting month here at HP Networking. Four weeks ago, we launched Lifetime Warranty 2.0 and received a very positive reaction from the media. The other week, we made yet another exciting announcement at VMworld where we introduced our partnership with VMware to bring you the industry’s most complete SDN and network virtualization solution. I’m glad to share that the announcement was met with the same encouraging media feedback.


In case you missed it, the HP-VMware Networking Solution federates HP’s Virtual Application Networks SDN Controller with VMware’s NSX™ network virtualization platform to provide complete control and visibility of both physical and virtual networks. This means improved enterprise agility, monitoring, troubleshooting and management with a single point of control.


The media and industry analysts recognize the benefits of the HP-VMware solution.


Analysts Joe Skorupa of Gartner and Andre Kindness of Forrester articulated our joint solution and some of the problems we are addressing in the publication TechTarget.


1)       HP and VMware NSX: Joint management for virtual and physical networks

2)       VMware NSX brings advanced networking to virtualization: Is it enough?


“The HP-VMware federation will allow IT to engineer traffic on the physical network to support network connectivity provisioned by NSX. Networking pros could potentially reallocate paths as new connections come up in NSX, and they could re-establish paths for critical applications in the virtual network in the event of failure,” said Skorupa, vice president and distinguished analyst with Stamford, Conn.-based Gartner.


"When vCenter fires up an application and needs two connections across the network for redundancy, it needs a certain quality of service," he explained. "Today, if you just dump that into the IP underlay, you're going to hope you get what you need. You're going to hope the bandwidth is available and the paths are available and the traffic is appropriately distributed. But you can't be certain. In the real world, you have all these tunnels set up and the network properly balanced, and everything is great. Then a new workload comes up and needs a particular amount of bandwidth, and there isn't one path through the network that can satisfy it. You can spray the traffic across multiple paths and then reassemble it at the other end, but you get lots of overhead."


Skorupa stated that VMware’s decision to federate across NSX and HP’s Virtual Application Networks SDN controller shows that VMware is thinking broadly and addressing gaps. “The two controllers integrate with HP's network management platform to give network operators full visibility, management and control across the physical and virtual network,” he said.


Kindness, principal analyst with Cambridge, Mass.-based Forrester Research, explained the importance of integrating the virtual and physical. "In general, this is an overlay, and my issue with that is you'll still need to talk to the physical side," he said. "In an overlay world you have 16 million VLANs theoretically. All of these are going to be important. If they are important, then wouldn't you be cutting up physical network resources for that amount of VLANs, as well? The two worlds need to interact. The first step is the top-of-rack area with this integration, but it's only part of the answer. The physical and virtual worlds need to be interacting as a whole."


Kindness concluded that HP has the orchestration pedigree to pull something like this federation off. "They've been the masters of orchestration," he said. "That's been one of their strengths historically."


Industry analyst Bob Laliberte of ESG had another reason as to why the solution is so significant, “The ability to integrate the physical and virtual network will be critical to accelerate adoption of the NSX technology. This will provide both the network team and virtualization team the appropriate level of visibility to optimize the virtual network links and ensure current and future performance levels can be met,” he said.


Our collaboration has allowed us to push the boundaries and become the first to deliver this level of physical and virtual network control. Craig Matsumoto of SDN Central described why our solution is a step above the rest, “HP is federating its SDN controller with NSX’s — which sounds a lot like what the others are doing, but HP insists it’s a step deeper… HP is focusing on orchestrating the controllers together, as opposed to allowing a controller to reach southbound to manipulate physical and virtual ports together. That said, HP switches’ software will include the ability to view the physical and virtual networks together” he reported.


Mark Cox provided yet another great article in eChannelline:HP, VMware to Collaborate on Industry’s First Federated Network Solution


To wrap it up, here’s is some great coverage from Jim Duffy of NetworkWorld:


VMware is lining up a Who's Who of networking vendors to take on partner/rival Cisco in network virtualization and SDNs.

HP, the No. 2 switch vendor to Cisco in terms of revenue, says it will federate its own Virtual Application Networks SDN Controller with the VMware's NSX to offer customers an integrated way to automate the orchestration of physical and virtual data center network infrastructure through interoperable policies and centralized view and control. The HP controller will support VMware's Open vSwitch Database management protocol to enable HP switches to be provisioned by VMware's NSX.


Overall, the reactions to our recent announcement have been very supportive and optimistic. HP has been recognized as offering differentiated solution with VMware in the editorial coverage of VMworld.

People ask me if the pace at HP Networking ever slows down—no it doesn’t. But I don’t see that as a bad thing… we like to keep busy here. It’s how we consistently innovate to maintain our lead over the competition and deliver innovative solutions to you.


Below is a list of media coverage on the HP-VMware solution announcement:


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