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HP's new Open Source Cloud networking solution and much more

By Newsha Sharifzadeh, Global Product Marketing Manager, HP Networking


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Today, we are faced with a highly dynamic and unpredictable demand for computer, networking, and storage to deliver innovations. We need to have resources available on-demand and delays are not acceptable.


To fulfill this always on-demand service, we look at the cloud for business agility and efficiency that will ultimately drive revenue. However, legacy networks cannot answer the growing needs of cloud, security, big data, and mobility. 


At HP, to help you transition to a cloud environment and overcome networking bottlenecks, we are introducing new open standards-based software-defined networking (SDN) solutions. The HP Virtual Cloud Networking SDN Application. A new, open source network virtualization solution that delivers agility, lowers TCO, and can maximize business value from your cloud deployment.


The HP Virtual Cloud Networking (VCN) SDN Application is the enhanced networking module of HP Helion Openstack®. The VCN SDN application delivers network virtualization enabled by SDN and orchestrates the entire datacenter infrastructure.


The HP VCN will provide the following benefits:

  •       Automated delivery of secure isolated networks in minutes versus weeks
  •       Unified physical and virtual control and visibility
  •       Access to an open SDN ecosystem including HP and 3rd party SDN applications



To better understand the benefits of the VCN SDN app let’s take a look at an example: Your business needs to move to a cloud-based Office solution and wants to deploy Office 365 in the company’s private cloud.  With traditional networks, you are able to bring up VMs and deploy servers and storage. However, when it comes to the network and services, nothing is optimized because of its complexity and network provisioning takes longer due to traditional network limitations.


With our Software-defined Networking solution and our VCN SDN application, Office 365 can be deployed in minutes versus weeks, and can also be optimized and secured through SDN applications like HP Network Optimizer and HP Network Protector SDN Applications.


A closer look at the VCN SDN app

The HP VCN SDN application integrates with the HP Virtual Application Networks (VAN) SDN Controller to create unified control for policy deployment on both the virtual and physical the networks.


You might ask what is so unique about VCN as compared to the OpenStack® networking module, Neutron. Please take a look at the table below to see what value-add we offer:





How about visibility and monitoring of the network?

Now that we have both physical and virtual networks, how do we monitor both networking environments?  The answer, the HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC) that provides a single-pane-of-glass view, so you can provision and monitor both the physical underlay, and virtual overlay networks.  


The HP VCN SDN framework provides a common view of the virtual overlay and physical underlay network within the Helion OpenStack cloud, allowing you to simplify and optimize your cloud deployment operation and start reaping benefits from your cloud application. 


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