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HP switches – C’mon Baby Light My Fire

on ‎05-06-2013 12:15 AM

How Quality Enables Resiliency


By Kevin Secino, Mobility Product Marketing & Rebecca Humphress, HP Networking Global Product Marketing


ks_rh.jpgSo… what does The Door’s “Light My Fire” song have to do with an HP 5406 switch?


Recently, I received a picture of a HP 5406 Switch from an HP customer.  They had an unfortunate fire at their site.  After the fire subsided, the customer faced charred and blackened equipment, and to their surprise, the 5406 switch was still functional and working smoothly!!  The picture below of the “smoke-damaged switch” from an external fire immediately made me think of The Door’s “Light My Fire” song… however, in all seriousness, this incident perfectly highlights how the designed-in quality of HP switches delivers resiliency that exceeds expectations. 




I did a little investigation and found out that a fire typically burns over 500 degrees Celsius. HP 5400 switches are rated for continuous operation at 55 degrees Celsius which is amazing to think that with temperatures like that nearby, the box still kept working.  This is just one example of HP quality built-in to every switch.  As a matter of fact, all products that HP brings to market go through extensive quality testing to ensure the highest quality and reliability standards.  This is done to assure that HP customers’ dependence on communications is always available and functional. 


To better understand the type of quality testing our switches go through, I sat down and talked with some of our quality engineers.  They told me that all HP products have a Quality Policy Statement, which is something I was not aware of.  Below, I have copied the Quality Policy Statement, which asserts:


  • We own the customer experience, and we measure quality in terms of the customer experience
  • We will understand our customers’ expectations and ship products that exceed those expectations
  • We will predict the quality of our products and understand the total cost of decisions
  • We will improve quality from generation to generation; from product to product
  • We will continuously improve every stage of our development processes to improve customer quality
  • We are the best at responding to customer issues when they inevitably happen, and make sure they never happen again

HP’s dedicated commitment to quality proves that it was not an accident that although the switch was in a fire, the switch continued to operate – although you will agree, this is rather an extreme example of the product’s resiliency. 


“Always on” network access


Much of the “always-on” capability has to do with not only the hardware and software resiliency but also how your network is designed. Check to see if you have resiliency built into your network. If your network lacks this, then I recommend you ask one of the HP business partners to help design a resilient network. Or, reach out to the HP Technology Services consulting team for advice.


The HP Technology Services consulting team is an amazing resource that can help you and even help prevent something like this happening again to your network.  Our Network Services enables you to get the most out of your enterprise network as you move to implement key initiatives such as Cloud, Unified communications, Virtualization and Mobility .

Some of these network services are:


    • Network Strategy and Planning Services: This identifies transformation opportunities to reduce your complexity and cost while driving growth


    • Network Assessment Services: This allows you to “know before you go”.  Simply put, it helps you to understand your existing network environment and gain intelligence before making network investments and/ or deploying a new technology


    • FlexNetwork Services: This specifically focuses on HP Networking products designed to help you get the most value out of your HP networking infrastructure


    • Network Infrastructure Optimization Services: This is a family of services that includes assessments, analysis tools, reporting capabilities, and design and deployment services to enable reliable, more secure, and improved service delivery across the network topology


    • Network Protection Services: This provides defense via  integrated  solutions involving people, processes, tools, and technology, which proactively manages information security threats, vulnerabilities, and incidents so impact on your company is minimized


  • Network Support Services: This delivers personalized, proactive and simplified portfolios to maximize past investments and better integrate new technologies

Quality is such an important aspect when making a purchasing decision.  You never know when and how that quality might be tested.  This incident really did “Light My Fire” about HP Quality!


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