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HPUX APA Fail-back

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HPUX APA Fail-back

Hello All,


I have a question which pertains to hpux 11.23 and APA.  Currently I have 2 interfaces in APA (priamry and standby mode).  So this is not LACP, and is not active/active or doing load balancing.


So when a external switch fails, the standby becomes active when needed.  When the failed external switch comes online, then we switch back to the primary interface.  This is what I would like to prevent.


I would like to prevent fail-back to the primary, once the external switch or problem has been resolved.  Is this possible in the APA config?





I work for HPE.
Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: HPUX APA Fail-back

According to this thread:


you need to check the priority assigned to the LAN cards.  See the very last comment in the thread.