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HPUX Secondary DNS

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Juan de Los Palotes
Frequent Advisor

HPUX Secondary DNS

Hi Guys

I have on my /etc/resolv.conf this information


And on my /etc/nsswitch.conf, I have this

hosts: files dns

I have defined on dns a name that isn't on, but when I try to do this on my server:


Not Found

But when I try this




How can I tell to HPUX that continue searching on the second DNS define on /etc/resolv.conf????

Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: HPUX Secondary DNS

You are misunderstanding the function of the server in the resolv.conf file.

The 2nd server in the resolv.conf file will only be accessed if the query to the first server times out.

From the resolv.conf man page:

"The algorithm used is: Try a name server; if the query times out, try the next and continue until all name servers have been tried, then repeat trying all the name servers until a maximum number of retries have been made."

So, if you query DNS, and the query times out, then the 2nd nameserver will be queried. BUT, if you query DNS and the DNS server has no record of the host you are looking for, then that is the result you will get.

Your DNS SERVERS need to be configured such that if one doesn't know about something it will then forward the query to the other. This is done via the "forwarders" directive in the named.conf file on your DNS server.
Juan de Los Palotes
Frequent Advisor

Re: HPUX Secondary DNS

Thank You Patrick

For clarify me.