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HPUX and jumbo frames behaviour

Occasional Contributor

HPUX and jumbo frames behaviour

Hello all,

Dont know if this is the currect place to ask this question but i have some doubts regarding MTU and hpux.

I have one hp ux server with a 10GB link.

When the destination (windows server) has jumbo frames enable i have the troughputs of a 10GB network but if i dont have the mtu enable on the destination i have toughputs of a 1GB network. (troughput tests were done with iperf)

Is this normal?

Also would like to know if (with jumbo frames enable on destination) HPUX will send all frames with a 9k size or if the frames are sent with diferent size.

EX:  HPUX sends a 9k frame , after a 2k frame , after a 8k frame...

Tanks for the help,



Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: HPUX and jumbo frames behaviour

Jumbo frames must be enabled along the entire network path, That means sender and receiver as well as routers. Any component in the chain that is not set to handle jumbo frames will fragment the packet into 1k segments. 

Bill Hassell, sysadmin