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Help to Change network configuration from APA manual (2Gbps) to simple fail over (1Gbps)

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Help to Change network configuration from APA manual (2Gbps) to simple fail over (1Gbps)

Hello HP-UX experts,

Server = rx8640 Node partition
OS = HP-UX 11.23
arch = IA64
Network switch = Foundry 16 port switch (1Gbps)

Existing configuration: Tough to explain as it is very messy. 2 x 2Gbps aggregates configured some time ago. But suddenly faced some packet loss issue and it was solved by disabling one of the ports (of aggregate) on one of the switch. There were two interfaces which formed lan900 however one cable was going to one switch and another to another switch. Networks team confirmed that both switches were seeing same mac address and both were receiving packets at the same time hence disabling on of the network port on one of the switch resolved the packet loss issue. however now the server doesn't have any resilience and its running only on one network interface with 1gbps bandwidth. server also has a service guard package name dbXY0.


As it is noticed that 1Gbps throughput would be enough for the server, its decided NOT to use any aggregate instead a simple failover (2 NICs - 1Gbps each active/passive LAN_MONITOR mode).


Could anyone please suggest me how to remove existing APA config and configure simple fail over (1Gbps throughput) using LAN_Monitor mode? I'm not entirely sure which Interfaces I need to deconfigure and which interfaces to configure for new setup as service guard config should not get affected.


Pl let me know if any more info needed from my end.


Thanks a lot.