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How does your mobile security measure up?

By Dragana Beara, Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager, HP Networking Global Marketing


dg.jpgHow often do you check your smartphone throughout the day? 20 times? 50 times? More? I admit to checking my device quite a few times a day. I find I can be much more productive when I’m always connected. When I’m out and about, I like the convenience of keeping on top of my personal and work email. Even better, when great ideas for work pop into my head, I can jot them down on my phone before they evaporate.


According to recent research, I’m not alone in using a mobile device to boost innovation. A global survey of 316 senior executives by The Economist Intelligence Unit, sponsored by HP, found that 39 percent felt the use of devices helped make them feel more on top of their jobs; 37 percent said mobility makes them feel more efficient. The respondents also said mobility is making their companies more dynamic and innovative (49 percent), and improving communications (42 percent), according to the research titled “The personalization challenge: Business culture and mobile security”. Organizational structures are becoming flatter and less hierarchical.


While my manager loves that I’m more productive because I can use my mobile devices for work activities, my employer, HP, is great at balancing the benefits of bring-your-own-devices (BYOD) and safeguarding company data. Our IT group provides us with regular training, processes, and guidance on keeping safe our devices and company data.



Watch an interview by the Economist Intelligence Unit with Shyama Rose, director of software security engineering at CBS Corporation, about why a program that focuses on attacks from external sources is an effective approach to information security.


Act now for a secure mobile enterprise


The Economist survey found that 62 percent of companies around the world allow employees to use personal devices on the job. However, the survey suggests that many companies have not yet implemented robust mobile-security safeguards, comprehensive employee-awareness programs, or strong IT support for employee-owned devices. According to the report, “by failing to act, [those companies] are putting their business in peril and jeopardizing the opportunity to realize the full benefits of mobility.”


The report is a must-read for anyone who wants to use mobile devices at work, plan a BYOD policy, research mobile security, or all of the above. You’ll get an understanding of how mobile devices have impacted users’ personal and work lives, and how users view the security and privacy risks to their personal information on those devices. You’ll also read insights from experts, including Nancy Flynn, executive director of the ePolicy Institute; Eric Openshaw, vice chairman and US technology, media and telecom leader at Deloitte; and David Willis, chief of research for mobility at Gartner.


The paper also discusses the BYOD initiative at Ford Motor Company and why it chose to let employees use their own technology instead of company-issued mobile devices. The report is a great way to measure your approach to mobile security against that of your peers.


Become more informed about mobility and security by downloading the paper today. 


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