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How to configure a Epson LQ-590 with printserver

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How to configure a Epson LQ-590 with printserver

Hi, I have an Epson LQ-590 matrix printer with an (optional) Epson network card (printserver). I need to get this printer on our rx2660 11iv3.
I have read different threads, but I am in doubt as for the easyist way to do it.
Is it possible to connect the printer as a 'normal' networked printer, even if this is not JetDirect? How?
I have the net_genericprinter script, but how do I use it?
Is it better to configure the printer as a LPR?
Can anyone explain the steps needed?
Many questions, I know - but thanks in advance!
Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: How to configure a Epson LQ-590 with printserver

network printer (ie, JetDirect) is an HP proprietary protocol and very few non-HP printers support this. Only Epson can answer the question. The printer script (ie, net_genericprinter) is only available with a JetDirect connection. HP sells JetDirect adapters for non-HP printers which can use the net_ family of scripts.

Otherwise, you'll need to add the printer as a 'remote printer' but contact Epson to get the printer name (internal to the printserver card). You'll need that to configure the remote printer. Note that remote printers have virtually no formatting options (like landscape or compressed, etc).

Bill Hassell, sysadmin