How to disable NIC under APA control

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How to disable NIC under APA control

Hello all,

Do you know any command line to disable either online or standby NIC to down when APA performed, because I want to force use single NIC but APA is still activate during do my system test.

Michael Leu
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Re: How to disable NIC under APA control

From the nwmgr_apa(1M) manpage:

Removing ports from an Aggregate Interface
nwmgr -d -A links=ppa1,ppa2,...
{ -c lanaggregate_instance | -I aggregate_instance } [-f] -S apa

This command removes some of the ports that are currently in a
link aggregate or a failover group. To delete all of the ports,
specify the -A links=all option. Use the links attribute to
specify the PPAs of the ports to be removed. If the PPAs of all
the ports in the link aggregate are specified, the behavior is
the same as clearing of the link aggregate.