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How to set up a Wireless network between desktop & ze4400

Mike Youngblood
Occasional Visitor

How to set up a Wireless network between desktop & ze4400

Hey, is anyone alive on this forum. Last entry was 03/22/03?

I have been using computers since 1983 but am just now trying to set up a wireless network between my desktop computer & my new HPze4400. The ze4400 has a wireless card installed (HP WLAN 54g Wr50 Network Adapter). I purchased a Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router w/the ze4400. I believe I need a Ethernet card for my desktop (Dell Dimension XPS R450). Any recommendations for the Ethernet card I should purchase? Also, any suggestions re where I should go on line (this forum, other forums)to get good information regarding setting up a network?
I am connected to the internet via DirecWay uplink/downlink modems which connect to my computer via a USB port.

I want to be able to use the laptop anywhere in the house to connect to the internet via a wireless network.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Jon Finley
Honored Contributor

Re: How to set up a Wireless network between desktop & ze4400

OK.... working from your dsl/cable modem outwards.

1. Usually the ISP (at least COX anyway) wants the MAC address of a network card to get your system access into their DHCP server.

2. Your modem should also have an ethernet jack to allow you to plug an ethernet cable into it, and then into the WAN/internet port on your Linksys wireless AP.

3. The Linksys probably has 4 ports (10/100) that you can your Desktop system into.

4. Just about ANY $9-25 NIC will work these days, but Linksys, 3Com, bestdata, etc work fine. Hit your local Fry's Electronics store for the Friday sale. :-)

5. Setting up a network. What type? Server based, peer-to-peer? Easiest way, is let your AP handle the DHCP (usually - 150). Set up accounts on both systems (if NT, 2000 or XP based), or simply share whatever folders or printers, and enjoy!

"Do or do not. There is no try!" - Yoda
Mike Youngblood
Occasional Visitor

Re: How to set up a Wireless network between desktop & ze4400

Thanks John for the reply but I don't think it will help. My two DirecWay uplink & downlink modems have no Eithernet jacks. There are wires from the satellite dish to each modem; the modems are coupled together via what looks like a RS232 cord; and then they are connected to my desktop via a USB cable. No chance of plugging in an Eithernet cable into either of these modems. I was thinking an Eithernet card for my desktop computer would do the trick. Connect this Eithernet card to the Linksys Wireless-G-Broadband Router and I would be in business . . . i.e., the wireless laptop should be able to interact with the Linksys wireless router and the routher via the Eithernet card should be able to deal with the network setup on the desktop computer. I assume that I can figure out how to use XP to set up a network although I haven't done it before.
Finally, John, to give you an Idea of how ignorant I am of these things, what does DHCP refer to? Also, what do you mean by AP (do you mean "application" as in XP application)?