Hpe 1950 and Aruba wifi

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Hpe 1950 and Aruba wifi

Hello how are you? I need help with a Hpe 1950 JG962A switch and Aruba 7010 and Ap 515 solution. I have 2 vlan one for employees another for guests 10 and 20. The Aruba 7010 controller is connected to port 1 of the hpe 1950 and has the 2 vlan configured and works correctly. I have doubts about the APs since they are connected in the sw hpe 1950 and I do not know how to configure them so that the ap take dhcp from the vlan 10 that the client server gives it and that in turn the guest wifi works in the vlan 20 I don't know how to configure the hpe 1950 ports for the ap take dhcp from vlan 10. Can you help me? How would the ports and vlan of the hpe 1950 be configured?

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I believe you can refer below link for AP-515 DHCP cpnfiguration:





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