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IF Priority

Gregor Weertman Euramax
Occasional Advisor

IF Priority

HP-UX 11.11.


I have 2 interfaces.

one for the machine (1Gb)

one for a package (cluster) (100Mb)


Both in the same range.



Is it possible to somehow prioritize the use of the machine's 1Gb interface?

Honored Contributor

Re: IF Priority

In general, having two separate network interfaces of a single host simultaneously active and connected in the same IP network segment is not a recommended configuration.


HP Serviceguard would usually add the package IP address as an IP alias (lan0:1, lan0:2 etc.) to the main interface for each network, so there should not be any need to set up separate interfaces for Serviceguard. Are you perhaps using some other clustering software, with different requirements?


(I once had a cluster that had both Serviceguard and a separate proprietary clustering system for another piece of software. According to the consultant of that software, it required a real network interface, not an alias. It was apparently expected that the entire cluster would be dedicated to that software only and nothing else, which was not true in our case. The set-up did not work correctly until we arranged a separate subnet for the proprietary clustering system.)


Normally, when an outgoing packet is about to be sent, the destination address is compared to the entries in the routing table, and the first matching entry will be used.


This document (Understanding routing in multi-homed HP-UX environments by Olivier S. Masse) might be useful to you: