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Interop New York 2013 Recap

By Chris Young, HP Technical Marketing Engineer, HP Networking



Network World Interop is always a great show. In a world where we are so often in direct competition with the other vendors in the industry, it’s wonderful to attend an event where the primary goal is to prove we can all work together.  This event is also the place for vendors to make big announcements with the whole world watching, and that’s what HP Networking did at the Javits Convention Center in October 2013.


There were a lot of things going on, so in the interest of giving you a one-stop shopping view of what HP Networking was showing, I’ve put together this list of links that takes you through a virtual tour of the booth. It’s the next best thing to actually being there!


HP Interop NY Booth Walkthrough



Erik Papir walks us around the HP booth to let you experience exactly what our customers and partners saw as they came in the front doors.


HP VDI SDN Application Demo



In this first video in the SDN theme, Global Solutions Manager, Bob Suhay, runs us through a demonstration of a prototype for a VDI SDN application based on Citrix XenDesktop with HPs VAN SDN Controller to provide users a better VDI experience.


HP’s BYOD Solution



In this video, Guy Weaver takes us through a great explanation of HP’s BYOD solution, based on the HP Intelligent Management Center.


HP VMware SDN Solution



Eric Holton walks us through the HP VMWare SDN Federated Solution and discusses the advantages of having visibility into both the overlay and underlay networks.


HP New MSR Routers



Tom Sammons takes us through a tour of the new generation of HP Networking Multi-Service Routers.


HP IMC  7.0



Chris Young takes us through a tour of the new features in the latest release of HP Networking’s Intelligent Management Center.


Lync SDN Demo



Eric Holton walks us through the HP Lync SDN demonstration showing the power of allowing applications to make requests directly to the network through the power of SDN.


SDN App Store and SDK



Eric Holton walks us through one of the biggest announcements of Interop New York 2013. In this video Eric walks us through the HP SDN App Store as well as the software developers kit.


For those of you who didn’t make it down, now you know exactly what you missed.


Hope to see you at the next show!


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