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LAN and WLAN not working

Regular Advisor

LAN and WLAN not working

I have WinXP home O.S and have WLAN and LAN card on my laptop. Few days back my internet connection seemed to have become very slow or have no connectivity with wirless card. I tried to hook the ethernet cable to the LAN and it worked intermittently.

I did the following corrective action
- Went to device manager and uninstalled the LAN as well as WLAN drivers and installed them again.
- Re installed the WLAN drivers
- Took my laptop to a different location in case my internet connection was the problem.

However, none of the above solved the problem. Currently the internet connection works for a short time and then stops.

Please let me know what correction action I need to take in this regards.
Ronald Postma
Honored Contributor

Re: LAN and WLAN not working

HI Nipun,
My first guess is when I read all of this that the error may not be in the computer, but in your internetrouter/modem.
It can help power down the router, wait a minute (or two) and then put the power on it again.

Did you check if their is any connection with the router/modem. Depending on the settings of the router (DHCP) it should give your pc an IP-adres. If it does not communication to the modem is not good.
check the following:
- go to run in your start menu
- type cmd (click OK)
- type ipconfig (hit enter)

What is the result? you will see some info on the WLAN an LAN connection. a few errors can be "cable not connected" or you can recieve an IP in the range 169.???.???.???. If the last thing is the case the modem does not give an IP anymore and probebly lost some settings, but that is a guess because I do not know how your computers are connected to the internet.

Hopefully this helps you, if it does not post results back,

Have a nice day,
Regards, Ronald
The logic of Microsoft: "Press START to shut down the pc"
Ronald Postma
Honored Contributor

Re: LAN and WLAN not working

forgot to add,
If you try the ipconfig, your LAN cable should be connected.
The logic of Microsoft: "Press START to shut down the pc"
Gary Cooper_1
Esteemed Contributor

Re: LAN and WLAN not working

Are you getting any messages in the Event logs?


Regular Advisor

Re: LAN and WLAN not working

thanks for your help and suggestions. I had called HP support and followed their instructions.

We basically refereshed the DNS settings using ipconfig and then rebooted the router as well as the laptop. This solved the problem.