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Login Script

Travis McClellan
Frequent Advisor

Login Script

I know almost nothing about how to write a good login script that will map network drives. Does anyone know a good website or program to use to do this? Thanks for your help.
Rodney Hills
Honored Contributor

Re: Login Script

Depends on the network you are connecting.

If you have Netware, you can define entries in the user profile to map drives.

If you are sharing Windows folders, then you can use the command-

net use x: \\server\folder

to map to a server.

You could place this in a .bat file that you place in your startup folder.

Printers are totally different. Usually it's a one time setup and you have to be administrator level if you are on a Win 2000/NT system.

Hope this helps

-- Rod Hills
There be dragons...
John-Thomas Gaietto
Trusted Contributor

Re: Login Script

To add an addition to this with XP I've found issues with multiple users and their different mapped drives so I this is what I use. As with XP the printers must be configured PER user from what I have found. Here's a sample of my users logon script in the net logon area.

net use q: /del
net use q: \\servername\shared
net time \\servername /set /y
(this option gives each PC the time from the server which I have synced to an atomic clock just one way of keeping things standard)

You can add all kinds of things in the logon scripts such as updating patches, and anti-virus applications. I hope this helps.