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MAC addresses not present after deploying DL360G7

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MAC addresses not present after deploying DL360G7

Hi, I used SIM to deploy 16 new servers to send out to our remote offices. The servers were built in our location and everything went fine.

All of the servers at the remote locations are working with the exception of one.

The server is turned on and connected, but there is no MAC address showing up on the switch ports that the teamed NIC and iLO are connected to.

Ping attempts resolved to IP, but timed out. Tracert traced to the networks router than timed out. I was able to ping and tracert to other systems on the network without issue.

I connected to another system to make sure routing was not an issue but could not ping from the internal network either. I installed Fast Resolver and scanned the network, the only devices that do not have MAC's are the iLO and the teamed NIC in this system.

Static IPs are assigned to both adapters, and they worked properly in the lab, it was only after deployment that this issue arose.

Any input as to what the issue may be that is only occurring on this one server? Thanks.
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Johan Guldmyr
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Re: MAC addresses not present after deploying DL360G7


Is there link on the interfaces?
Cable or maybe switch port/configuration problem?
You can check the NIC MAC in BIOS on the servers.
If it's not seen there (or the device) maybe a NVRAM reset - BIOS re-flash might get them back.

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