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Maximizing Microsoft Lync with HP’s Network Optimizer SDN Application

By Jeff Bachus, Global Product Marketing, HP Networking


Jeff BachusWhen you deployed Microsoft Lync, did you disable some of the higher-level functions because you didn't feel your network could cope with the increased volumes and strict performance demands needed to support real-time communications traffic? Or are you still hesitant to upgrade to Lync Enterprise Voice because you don’t feel confident in your ability to manage and proactively monitor this type of communications with high SLA commitments? 


Microsoft Lync is a powerful application suite for any organizations with employees who need to collaborate with each other quickly and effortlessly—whether they're in the same building or remote. But to provide high levels of user satisfaction and consequently drive strong adoption, applications like Lync need a robust and flexible network infrastructure to support interactive and latency sensitive traffic that Enterprise voice, video and desktop collaboration represent.  


How Lync enhances team work 

This following scenario could play out at any time in your organization. An employee—let’s call him Sam—is working on an important presentation and needs to resolve a question quickly. He uses Microsoft Lync skill search to find Jane, and sees that her presence shows here as available. He begins an instant messaging chat with her. The topic is quite complex and too difficult to communicate effectively through typed words so they launch a Lync voice call. Jane isn’t sure that she knows the answer and so she drags and drops Peter into the call. Peter wants to see the presentation and Sam shares his desktop so they can all review the changes in real-time while he is editing the slides. Peter decides that the best way to illustrate his point is to show him the prototype he created, and adds multi-party video conferencing to their Lync session.


How would your network cope in this situation? If you have a traditional legacy network, designed for basic email and traditional applications, my guess is - not very well. The legacy threetier network architecture is constrained by oversubscription, low bandwidth, and high latency—the opposite of what voice and video conferencing, as well as desktop sharing require.


Enhancing Lync performance 

Transforming your legacy network to a flatter architecture based on software-defined networking (SDN) helps to simplify and make your network more agile so that you can provide your users with a superior Microsoft Lync (or other UC&C application experience). With the HP Network Optimizer SDN Application for Microsoft Lync you can be confident that your users are getting the best UC&C user experience.


The HP Network Optimizer improves Lync performance by automating the provisioning of network QoS policy for Lync traffic on a dynamic per-call basis. Instead of manually configuring switches on a box-by-box basis in order to set policies for Microsoft Lync quality of service (QoS), you can now automate that using the HP Network Optimizer in concert with HP Virtual Application Networks (VAN) SDN controller and HP OpenFlow-enabled switches.


One of the great advantages of the HP Network Optimizer is that it supports hybrid SDN, which doesn’t require a complete replacement of your existing network. It can be deployed in any network that contains some HP OpenFlow-enabled network devices at or near the access layer in the campus and branch where users reside. You can also use the HP Network Optimizer as a way to gain experience with SDN and get started with deploying it in your organization.


Learn more

Watch this demo to see how SDN improves the quality of user experience for Microsoft Lync.


Take the first step towards enhancing Microsoft Lync for your users today.


>> Learn more about how SDN works, and then find out what’s under the hood of the HP Network Optimizer SDN Application for Microsoft Lync.


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