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Maximizing re-invention opportunities for skilled staff when transforming networks!

By Nick Watson, Vice President EMEA Enterprise Group, HP Networking


Nick WatsonOne of the more animated discussions you can have with an IT leader deals with the topic of organizational change; especially as IT departments align with the new style of IT, that in turn demand new or different skill-sets. I have seen a number instances referencing “Builder to Broker” as the changes needed by the CIO in terms of leading their teams through a transition from everything being integrated by in-house IT, or by a third party on their behalf, where an outsource is in place.


What is not getting nearly enough attention, however, is the need for people in the impacted IT technology towers to embrace the change in their role and to ensure that they have the new skill-sets required. I was delighted to see the turn-out from the HP Partners at ExpertOne Technology and Solutions Showcase – ETSS last month, with many of the attendees understanding the situation (and the opportunity for those who take the initiative).


The issue facing everyone is the sheer pace of change, this is forcing people to re-examine their business models and in turn their organizational structure. This in turn will enable many of the highly skilled technical teams to carve out new roles which can be much more closely aligned to the needs of the business. For example, by adopting open standards, the automation provided by the software-defined network controller replaces the repetitive configuration work required to build and make changes to a network. The skills are still required, but these skills now need to be applied to Cloud-builder activities, aligning the IT risk and performance profile with the desired business risk performance and profile. Taking the business application requirements and tuning the Converged Infrastructure profiles needed to support the performance / security / etc. to suit - complex but necessary work, as opposed to complexity forced by proprietary systems.


This week we are here in Lisbon, Portugal with the EMEA Channel Academy, over 80 of our top Partners from 25 different EMEA Countries, have come to be updated on the latest roadmaps and technology details from the HP Networking Product Line Management teams.  Many of these Partners have Converged Infrastructure as their focus and are making sure that they have as much knowledge of Networking as they do of Storage and Servers; clearly aligned to what our customers are asking for.


One of the major discussion points is just how complex it is to understand the different Wireless standards and when to upgrade, when to wait.  It is clear that only those Companies offering a converged Wired and Wireless approach, with a single orchestration, management and security capability is going to answer the customer needs and that customers need to be very clear on whether the upgrade path requires a single, or multiple changes in hardware; a classic example of how IT has to work hard to make their internal customers / citizens lives easy!



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