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NC6000 and Bluetooth

Craig Shapcott
Occasional Visitor

NC6000 and Bluetooth

Hi all
We have an NC6000 laptop, and I have installed most (if not all) of the updates from the HP website.
Bluetooth will not work at all.
I use WinXP SP2 Professional, and pressing the bluetooth button on the fast-keys does not work. If we use it on other laptops here (All NC6000's) it works fine. Any ideas?
Rod Evans

Re: NC6000 and Bluetooth

I havent used an NC6000, but, does the device manager show blue tooth installed?
If Blue tooth is installed but the blue tooth device is not showing in the device manager list , then blue tooth is disabled somewhere (possibly in bios).

Is there an option in Bios to disable/enable blue tooth on the machine? If there is ensure it is enabled.

Are the Blue tooth devices the same blue tooth devices you are usng on the other nc6000's? If not use a device that has worked on one of the other nc6000's.

Hope that helps.. even a little
Inderjeet Singh Phull
Frequent Advisor

Re: NC6000 and Bluetooth

Hi Craig,

Welcome to the Forums!
You could also ask this one over in the notebooks - N-Series, Armada, EVO, LTE, Tablet PC Category:

The experts there will have some suggestions for you,
Hope this helps,

Inderjeet Singh Phull