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NFS Problem

Indrajit Bhagat
Regular Advisor

NFS Problem

Hi There i had shared the directory by putting entry in /etc/exports


/var/opt/ignite/temp/DCOE_1131_1109 -anon=2


Showmount -e output shows as below:


/var/opt/ignite/temp/DCOE_1131_1109                       (everyone)


But On client I am unable to mount the file system using:


#mount -F nfs abcd:/var/opt/ignite/temp/DCOE_1131_1109 /mnt



Could you please suggest where would be the issue.. NFS daemon are running properly on both client & nfs

Indrajit Bhagat
Regular Advisor

Re: NFS Problem

Getting following error message while mount the file system:


nfs mount: get_fh: abcd:: RPC: Rpcbind failure - RPC: Timed out

Henry Fauni
Valued Contributor

Re: NFS Problem

Does abcd resolve properly on the client? 

 # nslookup abcd


You can try doing the mount command using IP address instead of hostname.

Laurent Menase
Honored Contributor

Re: NFS Problem

check ONCPLUS product version and update if not the last version