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NFS mount isuue

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NFS mount isuue

Hello experts,


I am getting an error below in HP-UX 11.11 while doing an nfs mount from one server to another (both server and client (11.11)


nfs mount: get_fh: nfsserver:: RPC: Rpcbind failure - RPC: Timed out


Name resolution tested OK

nfs services up and running

/etc/rc.config.d.nfsconf - verified ok

/etc/exports - ok


I have seen few posts related to the same isse, but no proper conclution


Please advise



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Re: NFS mount isuue

Looks like the client could not connect to the rpcbind process (aka portmapper) on the NFS server host.


Please run these commands on the NFS client host:

rpcinfo -p
rpcinfo -p nfsserver

 (replace "nfsserver" with the actual NFS server hostname)


If the first command results in a timeout error, rpcbind is not running on the client, or something (like IPFilter) prevents the rpcinfo command from accessing it.


If the second command results in a timeout error, the client cannot communicate with the rpcinfo process on the server host. The rpcinfo process runs in port 111 (both TCP and UDP). It knows in which ports the other SunRPC services (like rpc.lockd, rpc.statd and rpc.mountd, all required for NFS) are located on the host, so it's rather important when using NFS.


A time-out error usually suggests something like a firewall blocking the network connection, or possibly a routing issue: if the process was not running, you would normally get a "connection refused" error.