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NIC ip address and NSAP

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NIC ip address and NSAP

Hi all,
I need to change my server NIC ip address, would i have to change the NSAP address as well ?
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Re: NIC ip address and NSAP

That depends on how your OSI networking is implemented.

From wikipedia:
NSAP addresses do not specify where a network terminal is located. Routing equipment must translate NSAP addresses to SNPAs (SubNetwork Point of Attachment) to route OSI packets; VCI (Virtual Circuit Identifier) numbers are an example of a datalink layer SNPAs in ATM; when OSI packets are sent encapsulated in IP packets the IP address is considered an SNPA.

From this, I understand that changing the NSAP wouldn't be necessary if you can update the configuration in your routing equipment so that it associates the old NSAP with the new IP address.

If you change the NSAP, I think you would have to change the routing configuration anyway to associate the new NSAP with your new IP, so I don't see how changing the NSAP would give you any advantage: changing the NSAP would just make the operation more complicated.

My suggestion would be to ask your OSI router administrator(s).