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NIS slave...


NIS slave...

Hi All,

We have one issue with nis slave servers...

Prob:NIS Client machines: HPUX 11.11i,C8000 workstations.
NIS Master & Slave is configured on solaris machines

Whenver NIS Master goes down,HPUX machines(nis client) are taking some time(15 to 20Sec) to bind to NIS slave server.Because of this delay, Applications on these hpux machines hanging.Is there some way to reduce (or practically eliminate) this lag/delay time?.

In this same setup...linux machines are working fine.
Jupinder Bedi
Respected Contributor

Re: NIS slave...

It usually happpens in the case of NIS. the only way you can use is by using the commnd line to bind the server .please refer

man ypbind
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