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Network Service is startup very slow

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Network Service is startup very slow

We are using HP Proliant ML370 G4 and ML570 G3.
Their network service is starup very slowly. It can only startup network service when appear logon screen. So, I can ping them from my notebook. All server and my notebook are plugged into switch cisco 3750. And we also try plug them into planet switch. they still error.

Can you help us how to solve?


wien lam

Re: Network Service is startup very slow

Please send us some more info like
your operating system, how old is the OS system built, what driver? update your network drivers, what other software is installed,

startup can be delayed by other processes and service dependancies which are slow at startup or don't start at all. copy the output of hijackthis here please

Check your system logs for anything failing to start. Is the switch configured correctly, does it work correctly with other machines when they startup, please paste the settings of the ports they connect to, if you ping from windows to the g3,g4 machine use

do you have dns, domain etc, or do you ping ip?