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Network Utility Logs

Jeffery Burel
Occasional Visitor

Network Utility Logs

Does the HP network utility right log files anywhere? I would like to scan log files for errors where a nic is configured wrong. I am finding that many servers that should be set to 100/full are not and I want to correct this.

Re: Network Utility Logs

Try lanadmin. 6 is the ppa which you get from lanscan command

lanadmin -x 6
Speed = 1000 Full-Duplex.
Autonegotiation = On.

lanadmin -s 6
Speed = 1000000000

There is a known issue with Ethernet protocol which makes 100Mb to go down to half duplex in some configurations. If I remember correct you should switch off autonegotion and set 100 FD hard on BOTH the switch and the NIC.