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Networking Renaissance is here – stop accepting misery

By Mike Banic, Vice President of Global Marketing, HP Networking


MB_small.jpgI lead worldwide marketing for HP Networking, so my life reflects the reality of Thomas Friedman’s “The World is Flat.” Many of the people with whom I work are in different locations, so I am on the phone, in video chats and sharing apps in a collaboration tool. I rely on unified communication and collaboration apps.


You must be wondering what my misery is. My misery is the inconsistent user experience. I love UC&C tools, but they don’t always work consistently depending on the content I share or the location of the other person(s) on the call.


I chatted with some network managers and learned they are in the same camp. Network managers live in a world where networks must be overprovisioned, box-by-box using command line interface. This operating model is decades old, almost like network operations have been stuck in the dark ages.


Software-defined Networks mark the beginning of the networking renaissance era 


At the Open Networking Summit this week, I saw HP’s new UC&C SDN application for Microsoft Lync work magic and so did many others. The magic we saw is SDN giving the network application fluency, dynamically adapting to deliver a consistent user experience.


HP collaborated with Microsoft to create a new prototype HP UC&C SDN Application for Lync built on HP’s Virtual Application Networks SDN controller.



Figure 1: UC&C SDN Application for Lync


The UC&C SDN application uses information passed from an SDN API developed as a proof of concept on the Microsoft Lync Server. The information includes user, application, protocol, and bandwidth. The SDN application uses this information to dynamically program HP OpenFlow-enabled switches from a central point for consistent traffic engineering across the network.


What does this mean? Calls always have land-line clarity. Video is smooth, not choppy. PowerPoint presentations on a shared desktop transition smoothly. This is magic.


According to the network managers I interviewed, configuring networks to deliver QoS for IP voice and video is a complex and tedious process. In addition, hard to isolate, untrusted, and sometimes encrypted traffic makes delivering a reliable user experience virtually impossible for softphones running on today’s networks. They said it was all untenable – this app can end their misery too!


If you want to know more, or even if you are skeptical, please visit our Web site.


Stay tuned for more exciting news from HP on software-defined networks.



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