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Networking - The Fabric of your enterprise

By John Gray, Data Center Lead, HP Networking


Why “Openness” matters to data center networks


HP Helion.pngJohn Gray.pngHP announced the unveiling of a new brand for our cloud computing portfolio called HP Helion on May 7th. This comprehensive portfolio of OpenStack® based cloud products and services enables organizations to build, manage and consume workloads in hybrid IT environments. HP Helion brings together all the benefits and agility of cloud computing, all the possibilities and innovation of open source, and all the security and reliability enterprises need.


For those of you needing a quick primer - OpenStack is an open source cloud platform that controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter - enabling rapid instantiation of IT services.


If you’ve been around networking for the past decade as I have - I’m sure few of you have ever described configuring networks easy or simple as the “rapid instantiation” of IT services.




On the contrary, while discussing this with clients I’ve heard many network administrators describe this process as very manual, slow and complex due to a CLI intensive configuration model. This later description is rooted in the fact that networking has been captive to a single dominate vendor who has perpetuated a closed, and vertically integrated (hardware and software) operating model over the past several decades.


During this same period we’ve seen profound advancement in areas that embrace open, industry standards, for example x86 servers and virtualization. The success of server virtualization spawned a wave of industry innovation focused on virtualization the network in a similar manner.


New architectural constructs like Software-defined Networking (SDN) coupled with innovative new technologies such as Network Virtualization (which OpenStack embraces) are poised to radically alter the current network landscape by helping to seamlessly provision high-density, multi-tenancy cloud environments in ways that were not previously possible with traditional networks.




Today’s IT Service Provisioning Reality (Networking is the bottleneck)


The point is … for organizations to realize the full value of Cloud - networks must offer open APIs that applications and infrastructure can invoke in order to customize the network for their specific use cases. In addition, the network should support multi-tenancy so as to enable secure cloud computing environments. OpenStack, with Neutron networking promises to deliver on this!


OpenStack (Neutron) Networking 101

OpenStack Networking (Neutron) is a pluggable, scalable and API-driven system for managing networks and services. Like other services in the cloud operating system, it can be used by administrators and users to leverage existing investments in datacenter and promote reuse across tenants and applications.


What’s the bottom line? OpenStack Networking ensures the network will not be the bottleneck or limiting factor in a cloud deployment. OpenStack helps accelerate and automate datacenter networking to support specific customer use cases requirements – which can help deliver specific business outcomes.


To learn more about HP Helion, OpenStack and HP Networking join us at HP Discover Las Vegas (June 10-12) to be among the first to see the latest advancements in Data Center Network Virtualization and Software-defined Networking.


Additionally, check out the HP Discover (networking) sessions catalog for a glimpse of the industry’s “hottest” topics and innovation that will be delivered throughout the event.   Discover how HP can help you build a better data center network leveraging the new style of IT.


For additional information on HP’s industry leadership, download the following reports:

HP OpenStack Leadership

HP is one of eight Platinum members of the OpenStack Foundation with two board members and three elected technical committee representatives. HP is also consistently a top community contributor, with employees contributing to many OpenStack projects, in fact HP was the second largest contributor by employee for Icehouse (the most recent OpenStack release).


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