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Open Innovation for Enterprise Grade Solutions – SDN the HP way

By Sarwar Raza, Director for Cloud and SDN, Advanced Technology Group, HP Networking


Sarwar Raza.pngHP’s vision for open networking can be traced back to its foundational work advancing and implementing the Openflow standard. Since that time, we have been leading the charge on open, standards based, and interoperable solutions. HP’s leadership in Openstack, where it is one of the largest proponents, is a prime example of our commitment to open solutions and open communities of developers and users. 


Our commitment to openness is highlighted by our championing and adoption of open standards, and our leadership in SDN standards bodies like the Open Networking Foundation (ONF), where HP chairs both the extensibility and Northbound Interfaces Workgroups. The OpenDaylight project promises to herald a new era in openness for SDN and NFV, and today, we are proud to announce that we are upgrading our membership in the project to Platinum Level, and taking a leadership position to make that promise a reality.


HP is a founding member of OpenDaylight. It has been a silver member since the project’s inception, and was instrumental in its founding, legal and organizational setup, and the creation of its technical governance model. We have been engaged with, and contributed to the OpenDaylight project and community from the onset of the industry’s decision to create an open source project to cater to SDN.


Why upgrade?

OpenDaylight’s collaborative approach to solving common problems in the SDN and NFV space paves the way for interoperability between vendors, and the emergence of an SDN ecosystem that gives users flexibility with their networks. As the leading provider of SDN infrastructure, controllers and applications, HP is increasing its commitment in support of community and customer requests to help bridge the interoperability gap that application vendors and users experience in SDN adoption, and to accelerate the transition from single vendor lock-in solutions to open SDN and NFV architectures.


The HP Virtual Application Networks (VAN) SDN Controller espouses this commitment to openness via its open APIs, support for industry standards and extensible framework, delivered with enterprise grade features, reliability and support. We are committed to maintaining the richness, robustness and extensibility of the HP VAN SDN controller solution and application ecosystem, while providing HP customers with the benefits of interoperability across the OpenDaylight landscape that our increased commitment to the project will bring. 


HP's proven ability to drive, adopt, productize, and plug-in to open source, is evidenced by our leadership in Linux, OpenStack and various other open source projects. We believe openness speeds up innovation, and we look forward to working with the OpenDaylight community to advance the state of the art in SDN, and continue down our chosen path of delivering open, interoperable, standards based products and solutions, with value added features and enterprise grade quality and support.


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