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Package IP concerns

Regular Advisor

Package IP concerns

We have 3 node cluster in our setup.

 ux 11i v2

A.11.19.00 serviceguard


We are facing issue when we are trying to open IP at application level ( firewall level )

Cases where our hosts are servers comunication is fine with package IP.

But cases where we are clients all applications are not able to communicate via package  IP .

It becomes necessary for network,firewall  team to open  physical IP.



How can we acheive , only opening of package IP's , and no physical IP to be mentioned in firewall. ?

Laurent Menase
Honored Contributor

Re: Package IP concerns

Hi  coollllll


In fact there is no real way to do it except have the application binding on the address it should use.


On 11.31 SRP or containment may work, running the package in a container ( every applications started in the container will use container addresses)

Emil Velez_2
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Re: Package IP concerns

looks like the package ips are not allowed as part of your firewall rules. you probably need to update your firewall with your package ip addresses.
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Re: Package IP concerns

I suppose the issue happens as the source IP address in the packets returned from the application running in the package is always the station IP address if the application binds to INADDR_ANY by default. Thus, if the firewall does not allow packets from the station (physical) IP address to go out, external client can not communicate with the server application inside the SG package.


This is discussed in"Managing Serviceguard A.11.20" manual's Appendix B "Designing Highly Available Cluster Applications" under :


  • "Bind to a Fixed Port"
  • "Bind to Relocatable IP Addresses",
  • "Call bind() before connect()"
  • "Using a Relocatable Address as the Source Address for an Application that is Bound to INADDR_ANY"




Please refer to "Managing Serviceguard" manual for appropriate version of Service Guard you're using.


Hope this helps.

Regular Advisor

Re: Package IP concerns

Hi Akio ,


Thanks for sharing your views.

Need more clarity on "Using a Relocatable Address as the Source Address for an Application that is Bound to INADDR_ANY" point.




Regular Advisor

Re: Package IP concerns

Hi Emil ,


Initially only package ip,s were allowed.

Later on physical IP's were added.