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Problem with NFS server W2008 and client HP-UX 11.23

Jaime Nebot
Occasional Visitor

Problem with NFS server W2008 and client HP-UX 11.23


I have a problem: "RPC: Authentication error" with NFS. The server is cluster Windows 2008R2 (NAS) and the client is HP-UX 11.23.

First I created all users/groups on the Windows DA whit "Microsoft Identity Management for UNIX" with the files: passwd, group and shadow.

Next I created a new folder for NFS without anonymous priv.

Next in HP-UX I can mount the folder:
mount -F nfs /Prueba
But when I make ls, cd ...
NFS access failed for server RPC: Authentication error
/Prueba unreadable


Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Problem with NFS server W2008 and client HP-UX 11.23

Shalom Jamie,

There are a number of issues with NFS and windows. Best bet is to get the latest NFS patches from HP for HP-UX, install the patch set, sit through the system boot and try the connectivity test again.

What version of the Windows NFS connectivity/Unix suite are installed on the server box.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Jaime Nebot
Occasional Visitor

Re: Problem with NFS server W2008 and client HP-UX 11.23

This is the version I have:

#> swlist -l subproduct |grep NFS
# NFS B.11.23 ONC/NFS; Network-File System,Information Services,Utilities
NFS.Development Development
NFS.Manuals Manuals
NFS.ManualsByLang ManualsByLang
NFS.Runtime Runtime
PHCO_32523 1.0 quota(1) on an NFS client;uid enhancement
PHCO_36930 1.0 Japanese NFS/LIBNSL manpages
PHCO_36931 1.0 Japanese NFS manpages
PHCO_36932 1.0 Japanese NFS/RCMDS manpages
PHCO_36933 1.0 Japanese NFS/NIS manpages
PHCO_36934 1.0 Japanese core NFS manpages
PHCO_36935 1.0 Japanese NFS/Lock Manager manpages
PHKL_35503 1.0 NFS Stale Handle Fix
PHNE_38252 1.0 NFS cumulative patch
PHNE_38254 1.0 NFS kernel tunables patch
PHNE_38503 1.0 Core NFS cumulative patch
SG-NFS-Tool A.11.23.03 Serviceguard NFS Script Templates