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Problem with cisco trunk using native vlan

Honored Contributor

Problem with cisco trunk using native vlan

[ Edited ]

The switch port is configured with trunking, it has a native/untagged vlan with id 410, and two tagged vlans 510 and 520.


The problem I have is when I configure the NIC using the native vlan I don't have connectivity, the tagged vlans work ok.


This is UX 11.23, native vlan id 409 is network

jas1_opsc:/usr/local/bin# lanscan
Hardware Station        Crd Hdw   Net-Interface  NM  MAC       HP-DLPI DLPI
Path     Address        In# State NamePPA        ID  Type      Support Mjr#
0/0/1/1/0/6/0 0x0019BBEBACA8 4   UP    lan4 snap4     1   ETHER     Yes     119
jas1_opsc:/usr/local/bin# linkloop -i 4 0x0019BBEBACA8
Link connectivity to LAN station: 0x0019BBEBACA8
 -- OK
jas1_opsc:/usr/local/bin# ifconfig lan4 netmask
jas1_opsc:/usr/local/bin# route add default 1
add net default: gateway
jas1_opsc:/usr/local/bin# ping
PING 64 byte packets

---- PING Statistics----
1 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100% packet loss

I don't ger conectivity.


If I configured one of the tagged vlans of the trunk, for example 510, it works ok:


jas1_opsc:/usr/local/bin# lanadmin -V create vlanid 510 pri 6 4
Successfully configured.
lan5000: vlanid 510 name UNNAMED pri 6 tos 0 tos_override IP_HEADER pri_override CONF_PRI ppa 4
jas1_opsc:/usr/local/bin# ifconfig lan5000 netmask
jas1_opsc:/usr/local/bin# ping
PING 64 byte packets
64 bytes from icmp_seq=0. time=0. ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1. time=0. ms


If I configure the 3 vlans tagged, the 3 of them work fine, is the native vlan, the one giving problems. I'm I missing something?.



Windows?, no thanks