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Pure IPv6 support on 11iv3

Pure IPv6 support on 11iv3

What is the status of supporting pure IPv6 ON HPUX 11.31?
I Configured pure IPv6 (by removing all IPV4 configurations from netconf file, disabling IPv4 for every lan interface via sam, & removing all IPv4 enties from /etc/hosts and replacing the IPv6 equivalent)

I am able to successfully nslookup my IPv6 host returning the correct v6 address, but the swlist command does not work in pure IPv6 environment.

Running swlist returns the following error:
# Initializing...
# Contacting target ""...
ERROR: Could not contact host "" because of an
invalid protocol sequence. Protocol sequences are specified
with the "-x rpc_binding_info" option. Make sure this option
is specified correctly.
ERROR: More information may be found in the daemon logfile on this
target (default location is>


from the swagentd log file:

[]tail -f /var/adm/sw/swagentd.log
======= 03/05/10 19:44:52 IST BEGIN swagentd (pid = 1813).

ERROR: Invalid protocol sequence specified as part of the
"rpc_binding_info=" configuration option.
ERROR: Terminating prematurely - cannot serve Remote Procedure Call

As per an earlier thread (quite dated one):-

it appears that only mixed mode (with v4) is supported put note on pure IPv6. Any latest updates/workarounds for this limitation?

Laurent Menase
Honored Contributor

Re: Pure IPv6 support on 11iv3

probably configuring lo0:1 to a local dummy subnet address in netconf could help