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RX3600 Lan and SCSI Connection

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RX3600 Lan and SCSI Connection

Hello Guru's,
We will be setting up an RX3600 Integrity server, running HPUX 11.31. We typically evolve our UX server every 5 years, so I have some newbie questions.
1) We will be hooking up an external Ultrium-2 device. On the back of the server, in slot 7, there are two U320 connections: "Ch A" and "Ch B". Does it matter which one I use?
2) We have six ethernet ports (excluding the ILO) (two on slots 2, 5 and 6). We will be configuring Lan0. So which ethernet port do we plug in the cable to? In other words, which one is "Lan0"?
Thanks everyone...
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Re: RX3600 Lan and SCSI Connection

Usually the LAN interface of the Core I/O board (slot 2) will be lan0. The assignment of the rest will depend on the installation order; if two or more cards are installed at the same time, the one with the lower hardware path numbers will typically get the lowest free lanN ID.

Use the "lanscan" command to see the hardware path associated with each LAN interface.

The hardware path of each slot will often be marked somewhere near the slot. Failing that, the hardware documentation for your server will certainly describe the mapping between the slots and the hardware paths.

See Table 6-2 on page 194 of this PDF:

The output of the "olrad -q" command can also provide the mapping between HW paths and slot numbers.